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Take Fido out on a walk or run with this easy check list

June 29, 2012 JoggermomMarathon

Have a dog? They need exercise just as much as you do.

Our puppy is just over a year old and is just now able to run short distances with us. We were told to wait until he was at least 1 year of age before running any type of distance at all. We have started his running career with about a 1 mile run and a 2 mile walk. He absolutely loves it. He is happy to go any time. The joke in our house is you say “walk” and our dog immediately comes to a stand still and is on the best of behavior. Funny if you think about it.

Here is a starters guide to get you and fido moving.The simplest and most popular exercise routine is walking. We prefer to have a combination of both running and walking in our walks. A daily routine of walking is a good basis for any fitness program. And the easiest. Maybe even the oldest. And cheap too. Need I say more?

All you need is a collar and a leash. If you have a reluctant or overeager walker, get off to a good start with a training collar (nylon slip collar, check chain, or prong collar depending on how undisciplined the dog). These collar are humane but effective because they restrict her the more she pulls against the leash. Learn to use a training collar the right way!

Four Things That Can Make For Great Runs
1. A pooper scooper. Not only is does this make it nice for other people, it’s the law in most places.
2. Water. If walking more than 20 minutes or in hot weather, bring a retractable or small dish and a water bottle.
3. Rest stops. Be attentive to your dogs needs if he needs to stop.
4. More buddies. Hey, you know the walk is good for you too. Take a roommate or your honey and talk about the day. Take your kids and get them on the dog care routine.

Happy Strolling
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