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2012′s on sale now to prepare for Bumblerides new 2013′s

October 30, 2012 JoggermomMarathon

All of our 2012 Indies are now on sale. Have a color you have been eyeing for a while. I would purchase it soon as once the stock is gone it will not be replaced. What are Bumbleride Indie strollers known for?

  • Lightweight frame
  • Easy Fold
  • Colorful fabrics
  • Adjustable Handlebar for parents of varying heights
  • Wheels adjust to Swivel for Walking and Fixed for Running
  • Adjustable Footrest for infants or sleeping toddlers
This will be the last year Bumbleride offers the Traditional Fabric (spf 45 hood), Movement Edition Fabrics (spf 45 hood and waterproof) and Natural Edition Fabrics (blend of bamboo fabrics and spf 45 hood). All fabrics and colors will be changed to the Natural Edition fabric.

The 2013 Bumbleride is sure to please as they have lots of user friendly updates to this stroller. Here are just a few:

  • Bumper bar/Adapter bar now included
  • Longer Profile will give you greater stability at fast speeds
  • Deeper footwell to accommodate older children’s longer legs
  • All strollers now using the “Natural Edition Fabric” which is made of a blend of recycled material & bamboo material. Super soft too!
  • Jogging Strap for extra Safety (included)
  • Improved fork and metal tubing

All will be available spring in a whole new color line up too. The colors are a little darker which makes them more kid friendly. I think parents will love them just as much as the kiddos when it comes to clean up. For a more in-depth video from the recent ABC Kids show 2012 check out Holly’s video about the new 2013 Bumbleride. Available colors:

  • Cayenne (Orange/Red)
  • Papyrus (Replaces Seagrass and is a deeper more jewel tone)
  • Turqoise (Deeper than the current Aqua)
  • Lotus (Navy)
  • Fog (Dark Grey)
  • Jet (Black)

Check out our video from 2012 with bubbles pointing out all of the updates:Bumbleride 2012/2013 Updates

It truly will be “The ride of your life” Bumbleride.

Happy Strolling


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