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BOB- What a differece a stroller makes as told by Life’s Little Mashup

December 5, 2012 JoggermomMarathon

We recently shipped a new BOB Revolution SE to Kristin over at Life’s Little Mashup. Listen to what she had to say about her new jogger and how much she loves to run behind it (almost as much as her son loves to ride in it). “I could tell from the first moment we headed out with the new stroller that things were going to be different. I can not believe hard I was working before. I’m going to have to find another way to burn off the extra calories I used to push my first stroller. We took our usual route and I could feel the hesitation mounting as we got ready to hit the first uneven part of the sidewalk. It was amazing!! We flew over the bumps without a single problem. (Kaleb didn’t have to hang on for dear life) At that point I was totally hooked. The difference was unbelievable. My run was so relaxing I actually found my mind drifting for a while….

Kaleb says he really likes his new stroller! I used to joke before that running with the stroller was my “make up” run if I missed my run I was supposed to do on my own. Although I love going out with Kaleb, it was sometimes a total hassle to take the stroller out. Now I can really enjoy our runs together! There are so many things I love about my stroller, but a few of my favorites are that the handle bar hits me right at my waist, the handle bar console has cup holders that are so much deeper, the whole inside of the stroller seat is padded and the sun shade is so much bigger! Things have been massively improved for both of us.” For the complete jogging stroller review go here:

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