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A little confused? Clarification for what to do after you finish your run

November 5, 2013 JoggermomMarathon

First, our apologies for a lot of confusion that has happened as we have been busy adding new features for future marathons. Here are some information that would be of help to some who still have questions.

How do I get my medal?

Please fill out our form for submitting your address by clicking here:

Where do I submit my spreadsheets and proof?

You can email to

Where do I submit my bib photos?

You can submit it to our Facebook page.

What is this app on the right side of the marathon blog?

This has been a great source of confusion and we sincerely apologize for its early release into the wild. It is meant for all future marathons to log in one’s miles rather than using the spreadsheet method which we know has been a major pain in everyone’s side. For this event, you do not need to use this app. If you like to use the app in the future and have an early start, please register first for the app to work. A FAQ is available here.

You DO NOT need to register the app to receive credit for your Joggermom cancer run 2013.

Trouble with login?

This is related to the above question which is that the app is our new method of replacing our spreadsheet log. If you plan to use this for future marathons, please register first with the same email that you would use for

When will I receive the medal?

Due to the volume of participants to this event, medals will arrive to you in the next few weeks. We will have a search form soon for you to check if your medal is on it’s way. We will post the search form in the next few days.

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