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Check out what is new from Mountain Buggy! Your going to like it….

November 8, 2012 JoggermomMarathon


Mountain buggy has started a new EVOLUTION of Mountain Buggy strollers for 2013!

The Terrain….A great running stroller just got better….

Not only does it now have a rigid front locking wheel (5% play is still an option too!) but, you can urbanize your stroller by purchasing the optional 12″ rear wheels. The Terrain Wheel Set will retail for $64.99. The best of both worlds! Starting to ship next month.



So What is all of this talk about an EVOLUTION?

Mountain Buggy has evolutionized itself with the introduction of the Mountain Buggy. They took their current line up of strollers and developed a new stroller based on feedback from parents from across the globe. Here is what they have come up with:


NEW STYLE GRAB BAR- One grip on, one grip off- a smarter clamp system onto the frame, allowing easier access in and out fo the stroller for the child

TAILFREE HARNESS- Clever and tidy new harness system, ensuring no harm to your child by any excess tail straps.

AUTOMATIC FRAME LOCK- An instant click to ensure that your stroller is secure to store away.

ZIP FABRIC SLING- Easy on, easy off the stroller frame for easy cleaning and or adding the optional bassinet.


If these new changes are not enough check out how you can now personalize your buggy. The new 2013 Urban Jungle and Swift offer hoods in different colors so you can mix and match your buggy. The hoods will be sold separately and retail for $34.99. That is a great price to re-fashion your stroller! Starting to ship next month!
Travel? Why not take the “Best City Adventurer” out for a stroll! The new Mini from Mountain Buggy weighs in at a slim 17 lbs. (same as the Baby Jogger City Mini) with a few extra features that will be a game changer for those of you that like to travel or need a lightweight stroller with full service options. Retail will be $349.99.
Top Features:

  • Lie Flat to Upright positioned seat
  • Seat capacity is 44 lbs
  • New Aerotech 10″ wheels (remember the rule about larger tires? “The larger the wheel size the easier the push”)
  • Included accesories: Cup Holder & Safety Wrist Strap
  • Customize your Mini with a different colored hood. Retails for $34.99
  • Pop out sun Visor
  • Full swivel front wheel makes it easier to maneuver in tight places.
  • Need to know more? Holly of Baby Gizmo has given her review here.

Have a question about this new line up? Be sure to leave a comment.

Happy Strolling,



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