Joggermom Marathon Virtual Race Series.

Virtual runs that benefit charity and gets you a medal


July 19, 2013 JoggermomMarathon

Question  - Is this race only for moms?

Answer – No, for 2013 we have opened up registration to parents, singles and children. Our prizes are geared more towards women though. The kids race has a prize all its own!

Question  - Do I have to really take a picture of all my runs?

Answer – Yes, if your name is pulled as a winner you will need to provide proof that you completed 26.2 miles to claim your prize. You will need a picture of your mileage on your watch or treadmill. Of course more miles is always okay.

Question  - What are you going to do with sent in pictures and videos?

Answer – We reserve the right to use all pictures and videos in or on upcoming blog posts, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, emails, etc…The best place for you to post pictures is Joggermom’s Facebook page. You inspire others to run when you share in your progress!

Question – Do I have to run?

Answer – Yes, this is a running race. Time is not important but, you do have to run. Running on treadmills is allowed, elliptical trainers are not. In light of cancer survivors and others who we are trying to help with our charities, we have the following addendum. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from running but you are able to powerwalk, please write to us at to request an exemption.


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