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For the love of the race t-shirt…..

November 8, 2012 JoggermomMarathon

     Picture For those of you that have been running in races a white t-shirt and a medal used to be status quo. Most races have given up on giving out medals but, continue to give out race tee’s. 99% of your 5k or 10k races are still the white logo’d tees with the race graphic on the front and the sponsors on the back. I have 20+ of these white tee’s that I only use to clean house in. Who wants to run in cotton??? It keeps the sweat on your body and it does not breathe as well as a tech tee. For a little more money you can get a tech tee that you would actually run in again or wear a really cool graphic tee done on a color like this one shown above from the Westminster Women’s Classic put on by 3W races. I actually “wear” this cotton tee for every day things like going to soccer practices. It is a favorite! Still shows that I ran in a race but, it doesn’t shout it out like so many others do. I realize races need to get the word out about their cause and or race and they need to show their sponsors (I have been one of those sponsors and I am happy to wear a tee with my business on it). I also realize that a plain white tee with a graphic on the front is the best way to advertise their race.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “opt out” of the tee or say the first 100 to register get a free tech tee? Just thoughts….I will continue to give out cotton tees but, sell the tech tee’s I hope those who wear them wear them because they like the graphics or logo….

Another thought is to give a sweat towel, visor or socks out to the racers…Personally, I miss the bling and would rather get a medal at the end of a race then a white cotton tee….need a few ideas on what to do with those white cotton tee? Check out this post on what to do with race tee’s, bibs and medals:

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